๐Ÿ“จSources of L2FINANCE's Profits

โ‘ Gaming: While L2FINANCE is a liquidity provider, the platform is also gaming with derivative agreement traders. L2FINANCE gains from the traders' losses, which of course is one of its main sources of profits. โ‘กLiquidity incentives: As a more advantageous market maker, L2FINANCE will have a more substantial and stable income in the liquid market. โ‘ขService charges: When liquidity is provided, the platform charges a transaction fee as a source of gains. โ‘ฃPledged interests: Gain from providing liquidity in some derivative sing-currency token pledge pools. โ‘คStrategy trading: L2FINANCE makes certain profits through derivatives buying and selling spread trading and AI automation trading. โ‘ฅDeposit interest: L2FINANCE splits its funds for trading and other operations, part of which is used as a security deposit and interest income can be earned on it.

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