🌊Trend & Prospect of Layer2

β‘ The rapid development and wide application of Layer2 technology have greatly improved the scalability of the Ethereum network, which can meet the needs of growing users and applications, and even promote the development of the entire blockchain industry. β‘‘Rollup solutions such as Optimistic Rollup will become the mainstream solution for Layer2 expansion in the future. The application scenarios of Layer2 will also be richer and wider, such as games, NFT, cross-chain interoperability, etc. In the future, the integration of multiple technologies and cross-chain cooperation may also occur. β‘’The rapid development of Layer2 ecology will attract more funds and applications into it, creating a virtuous circle. Good Layer2 projects will gain greater recognition and value in the market.

β‘£ DeFi, GameFi, and NFT applications on Layer2 will also have better user experience and wider promotion and are expected to become killer applications in the entire blockchain industry.

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